Spring 2024 Newsletter

Our Spring 2024 newsletter is now available for download by clicking here, or see the text below.

It is my pleasure to contribute to this Newsletter for the first time with a GROW worker in place. Fiona Tucker has had a terrific start with her past work experience and approachable manner allowing her to become quickly familiar with her current tasks working alongside the Ministers, Congregations, Youth Groups and Primary and Secondary Schools in the town. As a management Group we were thrilled to see new S.U. Groups starting and Fiona becoming a recognized Youth Worker in the area and are very grateful to all who have helped make this possible whether you are a Trustee, Committee Member, Financial Supporter, or Prayer partner. Through your help you are making it possible for God’s Word to go out in Glenrothes and touch lives in the name of Jesus and therefore help make real what Jesus said in Matthew 25 vs. 40 – “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”
Thank you again,
Sandra Davie



After a hiatus of 3 years I was appointed as the youth worker for GROW and it has certainly been an exciting time and a busy time. I am so thankful to God for the many opportunities He has provided and the doors that have been opened to me.

It has taken time to build up relationships with the schools but I am regularly visiting a number of primary schools in the town and also running Scripture Union Groups in both Auchmuty High School and Glenwood High School.

As part of the chaplaincy teams within the town, I am a regular visitor in Caskieberran Primary School, and they are looking to start a new SU Group in their school after the Easter break. They are also signing up to have Walk through the Bible delivered to their P6 students which is very exciting.

I have worked alongside Sandra Davie and Chris Beattie in delivering Walk through the Bible to both Carleton Primary School and Pitteuchar East Primary School. This drama based presentation gives students the opportunity to learn about the stories of the Bible in an engaging and interactive way.

Over the last six months, assemblies have been delivered to both pri-mary schools and high schools and giving students time to reflect on topics such as respect, kindness and the Christmas and Easter events.

We had a few volunteers and some of the committee of GROW de-liver the Christmas journey to some students from Carleton Primary School– this was great fun for all involved and certainly was an en-gaging way to share the story of Christ’s birth.

I have been a regular visitor to Lendrick Muir as I join with others during the camps to share the Good News and help them explore the Bible. I have also attended training with Scripture Union for events such as Magnitude and the been part of the youth workers’ confer-ence.

This is just a wee snap shot of the last few months. How wonderful it is to see God moving and answering prayer.

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Thank you for all your support and faithful prayers.
Fiona Tucker—GROW Churches and School’s Youth Worker