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Glenrothes Obelisk
Riverside Park, Glenrothes
Town Art
Glenrothes Hippos
Glenrothes Obelisk
Falkland Hill from Riverside Park
Crest Under Bridge
Town Art - Irises


This year’s Scripture Union Holidays are now available for booking. Please see the SU Holidays link in the sidebar, or click here for more information.


Welcome to Glenrothes Area Christian Youth Trust (GROW), a Trust inspired, created and run by individuals representing the churches in Glenrothes and surrounding area.

Our vision is to reach out to the young people in our district with the Good News of Jesus Christ. To do this we employ a full-time youth worker who works in partnership with schools and churches to support, encourage and engage young people with the Christian message.

The Trust operates in partnership with Scripture Union (SU) Scotland as part of the Associate Worker Scheme. This provides a worker with training, resources and support from SU whilst being employed in a local setting.