Spring 2023 Newsletter

Dear friends,

Our Spring 2023 newsletter is now available. Please click here to download the PDF version, or see the text below.

Dear Supporters and Partners,

The GROW Committee wish everyone a season of opportunities, health and happiness, and fulfilment in our efforts to spread the Gospel in the Glenrothes area.

We were greatly disappointed that our 2022 recruitment drive for a new full time GROW Worker did not bear fruit. However, the year was not wasted as we concentrated on getting our video out (refer June 2022 Newsletter) in an effort to bring GROW to the attention of more people to support our work, and to enrol additional board members and trustees.

The committee members have maintained prayer and board meetings with resolve and commitment each month, via zoom prayer meetings and meeting at various churches for committee meetings. It is important to us that we maintain this essential contact between local churches, and within Christian outreaches and local schools. This includes using our promotional video to strengthen the vision and presence of GROW through hosting a brief presentation at local Churches.

The Video has already been shown in St Margaret’s, St Ninian’s and at The Salvation Army.

With few outgoings our financial situation is that we have sufficient funds to employ a GROW worker for at least two years.

We continue to work closely with Scripture Union Scotland and join with them whenever we can to take young people to residential events (suholidays.org.uk) such as a recent weekend in February and to promote activity days.  The activity days are for children linked with churches in the town as it is our passion to encourage young people in their faith and to give them encouragement to share it with others.

Our annual general meeting was held at St Ninians Church of Scotland, on Thursday 15th September 2022.  We are grateful for the enthusiastic support from friends and supporters who attended.

If you would like further information, please contact  www.grow-trust.co.uk

We value your support and are grateful for your continuing, prayerful, input as we work towards strengthening our Board and re-advertising for a GROW Worker next month.  We would appreciate hearing from you should you consider putting forward suitable nominations for these roles.

Yours in Christ,

Davina Saunders,

Secretary, GROW Management Team

On behalf of The Board of Trustees and Management Team of GROW