December 2020 Newsletter


To all our dear friends

Despite all going on around us, we are excited about what the year ahead will be like. One thing for sure is that the GROW management team are committed to the advancement of GROW in our area, as we continue to move forward via Zoom Meetings.


The year 2020 has seen changes in our team, Oskar has now taken up his position at Culduthel and because of Covid restrictions we have been unable to replace him.  Committee members were able to give Oskar an appropriate farewell, meeting up with him to present a token of our appreciation for the work he has done in GROW. We acknowledge his work which was so appreciated by chaplains, school staff and pupils of Glenrothes.

Chris and Mike have left for Arbroath, where Chris has been ordained Minister of Arbroath West Church.  We wish them every joy and happiness in their new ministry while we will miss the immense input they have given over 19 years of serving GROW. We are grateful that Mike continues as treasurer but we are praying that someone will come forth to replace him and so release him to his new work in Arbroath.   We also appeal for someone who will be willing to come forward as Chairperson.

Father Gerry Dillon, St Luke’s, has joined the management team and we are very grateful for his skills and input.  Davina has taken over as Secretary from Craig.

STRATEGY MEETING on Saturday 22 August 2020

The Chairman had invited all interested parties to take part in re-evaluating, and re-structuring the work of GROW.  Some exciting ideas were put forward, but It was felt that these should not be rushed. With current restrictions, we have an opportunity to ‘breathe’, to take time to listen to one another, and to schools, as they assess their priorities after going through this unique period of time.

Naturally, movement is limited just now, but Members have reported activities going on in the town and are aware of where GROW can get involved.  We are making the most of these opportunities by being alert and reporting with churches in the area.  Most of the churches remain connected to their youth and children by way of zoom meetings. After our next meeting in January it is hoped that we can proceed with existing and fresh plans for 2021.

We very much value Friends of GROW and invite you to suggest any activity in which you feel we might become involved.

We wish you a peaceful and blessed Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Yours in Christ

Davina Saunders,  on behalf of the GROW Management Team